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bby no matter how you hate me ignoring my random calls not reply my text wont stop loving you are part of much my heart well even my mind want to stop my heart still have much love for you no matter what wont stop loving you that will be a yes forever
you always make me shine i really love you so much sometimes i feel blessed when am with you keeping me warm always beeing there for me wow what a gentleman a wonderful how lucky am i to have you always make my dream come true so wow my tears cant stop running out each drop of my tears mean much love to you love you so much muaaaaaah
you opened my heart with much love sometimes i feel so blessed when am with you keeping me tight when huging me oneday i will leave the world and never come back you will miss my photos my messages and my kisses once i miss you will come back for i cant express my feelings for you once i start wont stop love you when walking towards me love you so much