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39, Leo, United States
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Important details of MelancholiaX
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight140 - 160 lbs [60 - 70 kg]
Pubic HairShaved
What makes me horny
This planet has turned into one big chemistry experiment. Water, air, land are all poisoned. Our "food" is mostly chemical compounds mixed with preservatives to taste good. Drug companies pushing pills down our throats every chance they get for a profit. Not for nothing, are you paying attention to the bigger picture today?! Might want to start, if you aren't. Microchipping and the abolishment of street currency is imminent.
There is literally NOWHERE on this planet "they" cannot see you thanks to the Tesla satilite.
Our currupt government keeps us in line with fear of the wrong things. NEVER actually outfitting us with the tools and knowledge we need to combat the ever growing need to take care of our bodies with nutrition and balance in our chakras.
And we just play along.
Dumbfounded as to how it got this bad. Silent complicity people.
We, the people...
Sometimes you need to plant your feet firmly on the ground, balance yourself to the natural rythym of life and just hold your stance.
Yep, that may look like madness to some, but I'll tell you what, it takes way more balls than you think to resist what the upper echelon shoves down our throats as truth. Truth vibrates differently if you just listen with your soul.
About me
Quietly quixotic and rambling roses of plenty.
What turns me off
Ignorance and arrogance.
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Gotta vibe with your WHOLE self. Become friends and incorporate your duplicitous traits that you feel don't belong to being of "love and light". You cannot have one without the other. Make your shadow-side your bitch. Only to come out when you need it. Anger, jealousy, envy, greed, selfishness, etc., all have their appropriate place and serve important functions when mastered and under your emotional control.
(Having a little fun with Leo D's meme... that'd play into vanity! 🤭😂