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20, Virgo, colombia, medellin
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Important details of Rottenmeier
Sexual PreferenceBisexual
Height>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
LanguagesSpanish, English
Pubic HairHairy
What makes me horny
Let me find out if you are a real man or just beta pretender. I have uses for both kinds ... but they are really really different in nature. Tip me 50 Tokens and ask for a "Masculintiy Evaluation". I will measure you and your manhood and where your place has to be!

Actually I am not a teacher like Mistress Rottenmeier (Head Mistress from the novel "Heidi"), but a secretary. That's actually a plus since I don't have (and don't want) to waste my time with children (no minors!!!). I deal with grown up men or those who think they are ????.

And I don't live in Switzerland, but in Colombia. But being a hot juicy latina Mamacita has its advantages don't you think? Well look and my curves and tell me otherwise ... if you dare!

But apart from that I do share many traits with Mistress Rottenmeier. Just like her I do believe that MISTAKES must of course be punished!! And punishment is most effective when it not only hurts, but also humiliates and exposes ????. I value the following virtues:

- Discipline
- Consistency
- Toughness

Now tell me who you are? Are you...

... my inutil boss? A loser who happened somehow get into a management position, but who knows that he is totally unfit to fill it out. You are aware that a manager needs to be an ALPHA and not a beta like you. Your failings and all the unfulfilled expectations in you put you under a lot of pressure. You are in luck that you have me ... Secretary Rottenmeier. I cover most of your shortcomings, but that has a price and when the office door closes you have to ...

... my wannabe-macho coworker? You think that you are hot and the girls fall for you. You preceive me as prey and you dig me at every opportunity. Your efforts are so ridiculous ... but I play a long and you actually believe that you have a thing with me. In your fantasy you are already dreaming how you take advantage of my hot latina body, how you make me undress, suck your ****, spread my legs for you, moan at your touch, bend over like a ***** in heat. You are so horny that you totally fail to see, that I am actually a praying mantis ... you know the one that bites of the male's head after mating. So just keep on digging me until I put you into your place and turn you into my sissy faggot office whore and ...

... that hot new intern with the easy smile, surfer style body and the big bulge in his boxers. Well I can be nice even docile if you are the right kind of man ... that is a real man. For you I can be all you want. You play with me, I like to moan for you, love your touch and when you open your trousers I get down on my knees. Let me treat you like the real man in the office while I mistreat all those other faggot whores ...
About me
Imagine Mistress Rottenmeier from Heidi gone Latina Secretary. That is me!
What turns me off
Unimaginative and mindless ordering around. I am a smart girl with a unique personality. Talk to me! Challenge me! Let us create some real magic. If you just want see flesh use your google search. That is cheaper for you. But if you want to have an authentic erotic experience let me be your girl or MISTRESS!
What We do on webcam
Working hours of Rottenmeier
Rottenmeier Wish List
I would like to love my apartment and have more places to share with my followers
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iphone 13
iphone 13
I would like to have the iPhone 13 for higher quality of my videos and photos for an excellent service for my beloved fans
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travel París
travel París
mi sueño desde siempre es tomar un buen cafe tan sexy mirando a la torre Eiffel en Paris france
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